Ranking Every WrestleMania Since 2000

5. WrestleMania 31

Some WrestleMania’s give you faith in the direction WWE is heading. After watching WrestleMania in 2015, fans could sleep easy knowing the new wave of stars could take the WWE back to its glory days.

All the matches just fitted well, whether it was Sting and Triple H, the Undertaker redeeming himself at Mania, or even Aj Lee and Paige. Everyone played their part, and it is why Mania 31 is considered one of the best ever.

And who can forget the legendary, mid-match cash in. A move that was never done before, and probably never to be done again

4. WrestleMania XVIII

Maybe it was a factor of the previous year’s WrestleMania being so awful that this one was amazing in comparison, but the 28th edition of WrestleMania is one of the more underrated Mania’s in history.

When an undercard match like Orton V Kane can capture the audience in the way that it did, you know things are gonna be good.

Jericho VS Punk was an Indy fan’s dream, and even more so with the storyline. Two of the best both in the mic and in the ring, battling it out in an intense battle for the WWE Championship. This could have been the match of the night.

But what was the match of the night was the Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and the Undertaker. A rematch of the year prior, this bout was what happens when two legends with high levels of mutual respect give it all for the crowd.

Of course, the match everyone was talking about was John Cena V the Rock. A match that lived up to its year-long hype. No matter how much one may have hated John Cena, there was not a person in the house who wasn’t enthralled by the match.

Image result for cena vs rock wm28

3. WrestleMania XXX

From the beginning to the end, this Mania felt like something out of a dream. After all, starting the show with Hulk Hogan, the Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin downing a beer in the middle of the ring will always be awesome.

The obvious point is the WWE finally entrusting Daniel Bryan with a shot at the WWE Championship, and giving him the WrestleMania that many believed he deserved. Wrestling one amazing match is difficult enough, but wrestling two intense battles (one against Triple H and the other a triple-threat with Batista and Randy Orton) is the stuff of legends.

Yet, this wouldn’t be WrestleMania XXX if it weren’t about the streak. If there is one marquee “where were you when it happened” moment in the WWE, this is it. Every fan watching remembers the exact moment the referee hit that 3 count on the Undertaker. While it was bitter-sweet seeing something so beloved come to an end, the pure surprise is something that WWE couldn’t have pulled off if they tried. Truly rememberable.

2. WrestleMania XIX

It is not often that you see 3 all-time great matches on one card. Even more so, the fact that it is at Mania is something even rarer. Yet, this is what WrestleMania 19 brought us.

Chris Jericho V Shawn Michaels is still the match that all young technical wrestlers want to watch. A fitting match that was the perfect transition needed from the Attitude Era to the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Of course, the rest of the card was topped with stars like Hogan and McMahon going at each other in a street fight. Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar in the WWE Championship match.

Yet, the final match saw the finale between two legends who had fought each other more times than we can remember: Steve Austin and the Rock. This match was the perfect conclusion to one of the WWE’s most storied rivalries.

1. WrestleMania XVII

At the early turn of the century, WWE knew the secret to a good Mania: balance. In 2001, WWE didn’t make the event top heavy but rather had strong competitors in every match.

This pay-per-view has been voted as the greatest of all-time and it doesn’t take a genius to see why. Match after match was amazing and well executed.

The moment of the night is undoubtedly the double-turn by Austin and the Rock. For fans who grew up watching the Rattlesnake beat Mr McMahon over the head with a bedpan, this stung.

Image result for austin and mcmahon handshake


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