Ranking Every WrestleMania Since 2000

11. WrestleMania 24

When you think of legendary wrestling moments, here is one everyone will list: Ric Flair saying goodbye on the grandest stage of them all. HBK v Flair had the emotion, not of a staged performance, but a man ending another man’s career.

We also could never forget the incredible Edge V Undertaker match: streak V streak.

Other parts though are questionable. For fans of both boxing and the WWE, seeing Mayweather “knock-out” the Big Show was a nice crossover. Yet if you were an avid ECW fan, this was not a pleasant day for you.

WrestleMania 24 is the classic example of stars carrying an otherwise iffy card.

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10. WrestleMania XXIII

Remember when Donald Trump was just that goofy celebrity who tackled Vince McMahon. Yeah, so do we.

2008 saw both Batista and the Undertaker at the peak of their careers, so it only made sense to throw these two superstars together. Sometimes this doesn’t work. This wasn’t one of those times. Batista and Taker stole the show in arguably the match of the night.

HBK and Cena was a strong match as well, showing the star power of the two legends.

9. WrestleMania XXII

Depending on what you value, this Mania’s legacy will change.

At this point, the Takers streak was starting to form as a legitimate title. So, a casket match VS Mark Henry was… alright.

Of course, Rey Mysterio winning the World Heavyweight Championship after losing his best friend Eddie Guerrero was touching.

The rest of the show has highs and lows. The main event was strong with Triple H and John Cena, while the Boogeyman V Booker T was… Something.

McMahon V Shawn Michaels was the anti-authority style beat down we all love to see, and boy did this deliver. There’s something enjoyable about a middle-aged man get thrown around the ring like a rag doll.

But at the end of the day, the incredible match between Edge and Mick Foley stole the show, Was was meant to be a mid-tier match became proof that anyone can shine brightly at Mania.

8. WrestleMania X8

This WrestleMania was really the signalling of the end of the Attitude Era. With young stars stepping into the spotlight and 90’s heroes slowly fading away, this was the start of the WWE’s new age, and boy did they start it in style.

Anytime you throw two legends like Jericho and Triple H into the ring together, you will get a match. In 2002, this was no different. The match capped off a great Mania that just felt right.

Yet, this wouldn’t be WrestleMania X8 if we didn’t discuss the Rock V Hogan. While the match may not have been a masterpiece, watching two iconic legends do battle in the middle of the ring in front of 10’s of thousands of screaming fans is something we could get used to.

7. WrestleMania XXVI

There’s a reason why this Mania is so high, but don’t worry, we’ll come to it.

In an era where WWE wasn’t at its peak, and after a disappointing WrestleMania 25, this was the breath of fresh air that pro wrestling needed. The Canadian battle between Edge and Jericho was technical wrestling, and storytelling, at it’s finest. In addition, the chemistry between Cena and Batista was on full display in their strong match for the WWE Championship.

And then, there is the match. Still considered one of the greatest matches of all-time, only possibly outdone by its predecessor at 25. Streak V Career, a match that fans sat in awe, not knowing who they actually wanted to lose the match.

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6. WrestleMania XX

At the time of this Mania, two of it’s biggest stars shared a touching moment. Two best friends, standing in the middle of the ring, with their WrestleMania moment. While you won’t find this match in WWE’s archives, for the fans who actually still acknowledge that Chris Benoit exists, this is a moment few can forget.

Down the card, the show saw a heavyweight clash between Lesnar and Goldberg, with both soon leaving the WWE for different reasons. As far as final matches go, this was one that let them walk away knowing they gave it their all.

The 20th anniversary was strong and delivered on fan expectation, making it one of the best in recent years.


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