Ranking Every WrestleMania Since 2000

18- WrestleMania XVII

What can we say about this trainwreck? Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole, Snooki one match before the main event, no real excitement. The entire event felt flat. And can we really blame the WWE?

Firstly they were thrown the curveball about Edge’s retirement, which saw them, as a result, change their plans to have Alberto Del Rio win the title. Or how about the fact that the main event with the biggest title in the entire world was defended between John Cena and the Miz for…15 minutes. But that’s not all because it wouldn’t be WrestleMania without some “plot-twist”…AKA, a double count out. Looking back now, it is clear that this was just a filler WrestleMania for the “once in a lifetime” battle between Cena and Rock a year later. We did get Taker V Triple H though so it wasn’t entirely bad.

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17. WrestleMania 25th Anniversary

What was supposed to be 25 years of WrestleMania was anything but great.

Let’s start with the obvious. At the celebration of the biggest wrestling event ever, an event that saw the performances of legends like Trish Stratus, Lita and Micky James, it is a real slap in the face to have a man win a women’s battle royal. Battle Royals chucked into the middle of a card to give “everyone a WrestleMania moment” has proven to be tragic in the past, and this was only elevated with Marella.

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy’s odd sudden hatred, Chris Jericho getting his ass handed to him by Micky Rourke and the “eh” World Heavyweight Championship match. Even the main event, Triple H VS Randy Orton, failed to deliver on the amazing fued that was built up in the weeks prior.

Again though, at least Undertaker saved it

16. WrestleMania 32

Now, we don’t mean to bash on Roman Reigns, but, we just don’t think he is main event material. And this match clearly showed that. With Triple H carrying the match, it was sloppy and slow, with a stiff powerhouse versing a run-down brawler. Fun…

Oh, we also had the fun of Shane McMahon throwing himself off Hell in a Cell, Undertaker hinting retirement, a power struggle and the old “perfect playground for the Undertaker”, all rolled into one match. This essentially proved that Vince McMahon will continue to flog a dead horse.

There was also the Rock beating Eric Rowan in quite a pointless match. For the WWE, it was almost as if they forgot that big names don’t make WrestleMania…the matches do.

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15. WrestleMania 29

It’s once in a lifetime…but unless we want more money then…how about round 2?

Yeah, despite the fact that WrestleMania XVIII saw a legendary match between Cena and the Rock, the WWE decided that they would ruin this potentially legendary moment by making them fight a second time. The Rock and Cena, now a year older and the tension built up less, didn’t have the same feel to it. In everyone’s mind, they knew what would happen. The Rock wouldn’t walk out of WrestleMania as champion because part-timers don’t hold titles (this theory was quickly disproven by Brock Lesnar).

Fans also still had a sour taste in their mouth as they saw CM Punk, who had essentially carried the WWE on his back, be screwed out of his WrestleMania moment to end up fighting the Undertaker, while a part-time movie star paraded around with the WWE Championship. Ouch!

This WrestleMania didn’t feel like the WWE actually cared about the storyline anymore.

14. WrestleMania XXI

This WrestleMania wasn’t terrible but it also wasn’t great. It was very…” hmmm”. This really was a passing of the torch WrestleMania, with Batista and John Cena both winning the World Heavyweight and WWE Championships respectively. In addition, we saw old-school V new school in Taker and Orton. But, while the card looked good on paper, this was yet another example of how this doesn’t always work well.

Maybe it’s because this was LA, the home of the stars, but the event didn’t live up to the hype. WWE tried to give us the dream matches in regards to HBK V Angle, but these were dream matches that were anything but a dream come true.

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13. WrestleMania 2000

The WWE took a chance at WM16, and boy did it fail. Just because you throw the Big Show, Triple H, Mick Foley and the Rock into the same match and make it a Fatal-4-Way for the WWE Championship doesn’t mean that it will work. And it didn’t. While the match was still good, it felt too clunky. After all, Triple H and Cactus Jack had an amazing bout at No Way Out the previous month. Why change that? Instead, we had “a McMahon in every corner” (this was even the actual tagline of WrestleMania). Things could have been great, but overly eager writers took this a step too far.

What forgives this one a little more was the moment that put Edge and Christian on the map. A spear off the top of the ladder through a table is a moment young fans of today still replicate.

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12. WrestleMania 33

The most recent edition of the WWE’s marquee event saw notable occurrences that made this a strong show, and some that made it struggle.

Seth Rollins and Triple H was the old-school storyline done right: teacher V master. Triple H needs a WrestleMania moment every year, but this time, he picked a young star who had already proven himself to be the future face of the company.

On the other hand, a 5-minute bout between two part-timers for a belt no-one cares about is idiocy to the highest form. This match could have been amazing but instead, two over buffed gorilla’s walked around the ring till one got tired.

The clear moment was the Reigns V Taker match. Despite grievances from fans, WWE persisted with this match and admittedly, it was strong. While it is nowhere near the Taker’s greatest ever match, it seemed to work. And who will ever forget the moment Taker’s gear laid in the middle of the ring?


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