The NRL’s Top 8: Round 2

Every week the NRL gives us plenty of things to talk about, but much like the finals let’s focus on the Top 8.

1. The Dragons started the round again this week, this week with a win over the Sharks. The Sharks started great with a sky-high completion rate, but it’s a game of two halves (that’s probably my least favourite saying in the world, right up there with “the team that scores next will win the game”). The Dragons though they grabbed the win must have missed some recovery sessions because it looked like Ben Hunt forgot how to use his legs on what has to be the ugliest try assist you’ll ever see.

2. Now to the greatest piece of try-line defence you’ll ever see. Actually, you’ve probably already seen this, and if you haven’t buckle up and check this out. It’s the Broncos vs. Cowboys in the Queensland derby, as usual, it’s been tight all game. In the final two minutes, the Cowboys are down by 4 and right on the Broncos try line. Thurston makes the break and gets an inside pass to Scott Bolton, hope has left the Broncos fans. Then. This happens. What else can you say?

3. So the Parramatta Eels have taken a bit of a turn from their performance last year. A top-four finish last year was the best the club had seen in quite a while, and things looked to be good for this season. But, the first two rounds of 2018 have been rough for the Eels. Letting the game slip through their fingers in the opening round, and this week they got absolutely waxed by the Sea Eagles 54 to nil. Now, this may sound like a reach and some bias but, didn’t Jarryd Hayne start playing for them this year? I’m just putting that out there.

4. The Storm had a big week. It was Billy Slater’s 300th game, that’s not a mark that a lot of players meet and given Slater’s recent injuries a blessing to see. In addition, they had a game at home against the Tigers to celebrate…only, the Tigers had some other plans. Fresh off their last minute win against the Roosters last week they managed to pull out the same tricks again this week. Luke Brooks manages to dash Billy’s dreams and hands him his first ever loss in a ‘milestone game’. But being the absolute legend he is Benji Marshall still gets the Tigers together and gives Billy a great send off.

5. The Panthers have turned it around from last season. Not saying that they’re much better than they were last season, just last season they would play for the first 40 minutes then take the next 40 off. Now they do the opposite, the first half is their warm-up and then they get into gear for the second half. It hasn’t hurt them yet, but they shouldn’t count on it going this well all season. This week it came down to a nice piece of team football to get

6. Tyrone Peachey over the line in the last five minutes to snatch the win. After their disappointment last week, the Roosters are finally proving that spending money is a good thing. Tedesco scored a try of his own while setting up another two, one of those which Cooper Cronk crossed the line for. After what must have been a stressful week over in Bondi, a lot of chooks are going to be feeling a lot more comfortable now.

7. The Warriors had a good week. They grabbed a win over the Titans, although Ash Taylor wasn’t playing. Earlier in the week, it was reported that after months of trying, the Warriors’ owner, Eric Watson, has found someone to buy the new off him. Richard Fale, an American millionaire and politician, is committed to purchasing the team and is already working out the kinks of transferring ownership. The prospective owner, despite being American, seems to love all forms of football. As well as owning the Warriors he is reportedly trying to start up some Super Rugby noise in his home state Hawaii.

8. The NRL has finally found the truth and they are starting a true, legitimate Hall of Fame. Recently some details have come out about the new Hall of Fame. The 100 Greatest Players that were selected in 2008 are grandfathered in, while the selection criteria for current players is very similar to the NBA Hall of Fame; must be retired for 5 years, and only 4 can make it in per year. This is being extended to create a new Immortals selection process where players will be chosen from the Hall of Fame.


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