So… What is AFLX?

AFLX is vastly becoming the next big thing to hit Australian rules football. It is all part of the AFL’s big plan to try and take the game globally and they are doing their best in also insuring that grassroots footy is still increasing in numbers.

AFLX has been branded as a much faster, more exciting brand of Aussie rules football that is played on a soccer pitch to compensate for other countries who don’t have a proper sized oval to play on. On the soccer pitch, there are two 40 meter lines on each end of the pitch to signify how long the super goals will be kicked from.

The rules of AFLX are quite interesting and aren’t nearly as complex as the AFL rules. Some of the important rules are:

  • 2x 10 minute halves (With no time on)
  • Introduction of a ‘Super goal’ which is worth 10 points if scored behind the 40 meter line
  • 20 second shot clock for any set shot
  • Kick in after every score
  • 10 players on each team (7 on field, 3 on Bench)
  • Each team must start with 2 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 2 forwards
  • Last touch out of bounds rule (Like soccer)

In his latest press conference, Gillon McLachlan (AFL CEO) has said that there already have been talks about AFLX tournaments in Hong Kong in November which has showed promising times ahead for the growing sport. This is also a great curtain raiser tournament leading up to the new 2018 AFL season which is starting on the 22nd March. This is sure to be very popular among fans across the county and eventually, the world


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