For Tom Brady’s Legacy, A Sixth Ring Is the Most Vital Yet

Heading into SuperBowl LII, Tom Brady is 40 years old and is still proving why he is arguably not only the best quarterback in the league, but the greatest of all-time.

However, he is also the most polarising player in the history of the NFL. Whether you respect him for his ability, or hate him for his controversy, his success speaks volumes. Yet, this Super Bowl could be the most important of his career.

From the tuck rule, to Spygate to even Deflategate, Brady has always had some level of controversy hanging over his head and the Patriots. This year, there is none.

While the biggest Patriot haters will argue that the lack of penalties against them against the Jaguars is “proof the NFL is rigged”, this isnt it rigged…this is just poor officiating.

Brady needs thia victory. His defense has been lacking, he is most likely the MVP, and the Patriots aren’t shrouded in controversy. A win on Sunday would cap off a perfect season.

Without a victory, his greatness can be argued. His championships can be tossed back to cheating. Yet, winning back to back SuperBowls without any scandal…that’s greatness you can’t deny.

What’s worst is the opposition: Montana, Manning, Elway and other greats never lost the SuperBowl to a backup QB. Brady has been to 7 SuperBowl’s previously: he is the most experienced player in the league. Nick Foles…he would be sitting on the bench if it weren’t for a season ending injury to Carson Wentz.

Brady is seeing the light on his career dim. He has few years left, and as he gets older, he has less chance of being in the SuperBowl. If this is his last dance, this is the last shot he has at proving he truly is the GOAT.


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