Lever Gets His Wish

Promising young defender Jake Lever has been granted his wish by the Crows, being officially traded to the Melbourne Demons in the first big trade of the trade period.

Lever requested the trade days after Adelaide’s loss to the Tigers in the AFL Grand Final. The Crows initially requested two first round picks as compensation for a key defender. The Demons offered their no. 10 pick and their no. 27 pick in the draft in return.

In return for Lever, the Demons gave the Crows their number 10 pick, a first round pick and a fourth round pick in 2018. In addition to Lever, the Crows sent their 35th pick as well as a third round pick in next year’s draft.

Lever was a key defender for the Crows, making it to the final 40 of the All-Australian team. Despite expectations that the young defender would make the final squad, he was excluded. Lever requested a trade shortly after the grand final loss, which lead to much controversy around relationships between Lever and the Adelaide Football Club. Tensions reached boiling points when the Crows requested that Lever not attend the Crows best and fairest night.

With this trade, it kicks off a highly anticipated off-season which should expect to see many players change clubs.


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