GWS Must Keep Their Young Guns Patient and Hungry

For the second year, the Giants have failed to really make a strong impact. Yes, they’re young. Yes, no-one expected them to make the grand final. However, for the level of young talent, plus reserved talent that the Giants a very dangerous side on paper. Yet, that’s just the thing: on paper, they’re loaded. On the field, a team that should be one of the most dangerous dynasty’s in the history, fails to deliver.

Now, with a team this young, the concern is not high. Unlike teams like the Swans, Crows and Cats, the Giants aren’t trying to race against father time to win a premiership. Theoretically, they could hold their ground for a few more years, really develop their squad, and then go on to snatch the next 5 premierships out of the hands of the competition. This may appear as a stretch, but this isn’t far from the thinking of many supporters and even general fans of the game.

The real problem with this thinking comes when this “era of domination” idea starts to encaptulate the minds of the young players. Put yourself in their shoes: a young team, hungry and strong, could be a chance to be the greatest team ever. Now, imagine the mixture of anger and dissapointment when you fail to go to the Grand Final. This hunger will lead them to want success now. Don’t bother waiting around with the team that developed you. Just do the Danger or Judd move: ask for a trade.

Recently in the news we’ve seen Matthew Kennedy, Nathon Wilson and Devon smith all request trades from GWS. “Oh no,  sound the alarms. They’re losing 3 players”, you may be saying sarcastically. We get it. While yes, 3 players may not seem that significant, it’s a chain reaction that could become a tipping point.

The fact is, GWS need to make sure that their young team stays hungry. Hungry for success. Hungry for premierships. Hungry till the final siren. They can’t do this if they have their young players leaving. The problem the Giants face is that the more players leave, the more other players will also leave before the ship truly sinks. Why would you stay when all the talented players around you are jumping ship?

Twice in a row now they’ve failed to make the grand final. What happens if they fail again in 2018? What happens if they again, barely make the top 4? It’s hard for young players to not seriously considering jumping ship. This is why GWS need to focus on making sure they’re players are committed to the club.

That’s their focus this off-season: keeping the team focused on a premiership.


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