They’ve Reached the Premier League; Now Huddersfield Town Are Getting to Work

Huddersfield Town was one of the biggest success stories last season. Their German manager David Wagner had turned a relegation threaded team, which only just finished 3 spots of relegation in 2015/2016 season, to a play-off team in the foreign 2016/2017 season. Their fighting spirit brought them to Wembley, where they beat a competitive Reading team in penalties. The fairy-tale however is not finished- it has only just began. Now a new chapter awaits – the Premier League, where they have not competed since 1972. Huddersfield will be the main underdogs from the start of the season, but that might ease some of the pressure. Now lets jump in their tactics and transfer business this summer

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Huddersfield Tactics:

Huddersfield has been called the most interesting tactical team in the Championship, which David Wagner aspires from his time at Borrussia Dortmund, where he managed their B-team. Here, he especially worked close with Jürgen Klopp, which you can clearly see in Huddersfield’s “gegenpressing” style of play. They tend to play very high up the field, but that will probably not be an option they will use in the Premier League. Rather, they may be forced to play more conservatively, to match the league’s style of play. Expect a lot of running from Wagner’s boys, which will probably be their basic style of football.

Transfer Business so far:

Huddersfield have been extremely active so far in the transfer market, breaking their transfer record 4 times (and expect more records to come). In the Championship, Huddersfield has had a very tight and inspirational transfer tactic, where their weekly wages were about 10.000£, and their transfer record was at 1.8 million pounds. This transfer record payed for German defender Christopher Schindler, who scored the winning penalty in the playoff final. This summer Huddersfield have so far picked up:

  • Danish goalkeeper Jonas Lössl on loan from the German club Mainz
  • Creative midfielder Kasey Palmer on loan from Chelsea, (he was also at Huddersfield last season).
  • American midfielder Danny Williams from Reading,
  • Striker Laurent Depoitre from Porto which broke their transfer record for 3.5 mil. pounds
  • Power midfielder Aaron Moy from Manchester City (was also on loan in 16/17) . Another transfer record for 8.5 mil. pounds.
  • Attacking midfielder Tom Ince from Derby County for another record breaking 10 mil. fee

Their last transfer record Steve Mounie, a 14 goal striker from the French Ligue 1 team Montpellier, for a reported 12.4 mil. fee.

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For sure David Wagner means business, and they are really flexing their muscles with all the Premier League money.

What Is Next?

Even though Wagner have done a lot of their transfer business’ early, he still needs to strengthen his squad to survive in the Premier League. Huddersfield had multiple loan players last season, and Wagner has tried to re-sign them again this season. However, it seems like David Wagner has given up on his pursuit of the remaining loan players from last season. They will be looking especially to strengthen their defence, something they have failed to do this summer. Multiple rumours have been swirling on who the club might try and pick up. A player currently rumoured is Danish centerback Mathias Zanka from FC Copenhagen, where he impressed in the Champions League season. Zanka is very good at the ball considering he is a centerback, and has a very good technique, yet, he can sometimes be too cheeky in his play. Expect that Wagner will look for players in the Bundesliga in Germany, where Wagner comes from and has his contacts. Here there is rumours of another dane; Thomas Delaney, a power midfielder who joined Werder Bremen last winter, where he was also rumoured to be at Everton. At Werder Bremen, he has made a strong impression with his intense gameplay and physics, which would fit perfectly around Huddersfield. That deal would probably break their transfer record again, but that is to be expected. It is highly likely that Huddersfield will again break their transfer record several more times, in an attempt to compete in England’s highest league.

It will sure be interesting to follow Huddersfield this summer and of course in the next season. For neutral fans, many hope that Huddersfield can bring intensity and toughness to the Premier League.



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