Aaron Judge: The Rookie Heard Around The League

At 6 feet 7 inches and 280 pounds, you would think Aaron Judge is about to enter the NFL or about to become a first baseman in the MLB, but Judge is none of those things. Instead, he is a fairly quick outfielder that is sending shockwaves across the MLB. Currently leading the league with 25 home runs, Aaron Judge’s breakout season has been truly extraordinary. You may have seen him blowing up your feeds, as ESPN and news sources like it have been keeping a sharp eye on this young talent as he continues to dominate.

When looking at this phenomenal rookie season, we should first look at the notable stats that Judge is putting up.  (Note* the season is not nearly over, as only half of it has been completed)

Judge leads the league in home runs, as he currently sits at 25. Judge is 7th in the league when it comes to AVG as well, batting at .331 on the season. What this stat tells us is that Judge not only is a powerhouse but also is a balanced hitter that is reliable in a rotation. Judge is also 9th in the league in RBIs, as he clocks in with 54 on the season. These stats would be extraordinary coming from any MLB player, but the fact that a rookie is producing these numbers is very special indeed.

More proof that Judge is dominant is the Yankees’ record in itself. Last year, the Yankees finished with a .519 record. This year, the Yankees are up to a .574 record, and they have been on many hot streaks this season that was all fueled by Judge’s expert hitting.

While we could go back and forth on whether Judge will make it in the league or not, this quote from Yankees manager Joe Girardi says it all about Judge.

“He is a little bit like Derek for me,” Girardi said Monday of Judge, via ESPN.com. “He has a smile all the time. He loves to play the game. You always think he is going to do the right thing on the field and off the field. He has a presence about him. He plays the game to win all the time and that is the most important thing. It is not about what you did that day.

Although Judge is new to the league and not much has been seen of his play, this rookie definitely shows promise. He is currently the frontrunner in the AL Rookie of the Year voting as well. Although time will test if Judge is just having some beginner’s luck, this rookie definitely looks here to stay.



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