The Sacramento Kings May Just Have Invented the Smartest Way to Get Cousins to the All-Star Game

Everyone wants their favourite players in the all-star game, and possibly none more than the teams. Every year, teams try and think of new ways to get their teams star to the game. How can we forget last years “Obama Sings” Jumpman by Detroit. This video was made for Andre Drummond, and it must have worked, cause Drummond ¬†ended up on th East All-Star team. Here’s the video if you have never seen it:

However, the Kings social media team may have just come up with the most genius way to get their big man to New Orleans.

While nothing may be strange about this, re-read the names slowly and carefully. Yes…they’re all spelt incorrect except Cousins. This means that if a Curry or Harden fan retweeted this, Curry and Harden would get no votes, while Cousins would.

Other teams had their own say on it.

Also, could it be a coincidence that Harden had the ‘H’ removed from his name?


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