Pornography on Teens Phone Awkwardly Disrupts Jarryd Hayne’s Presentation

Gold Coast Titan star Jarryd Hayne has had an unfortunate mishap when presenting a speech about online privacy to a group of teenagers.

In the middle of the presentation, where Hayne was being “hacked” by another speaker, pornographic images appeared on the screen. After some shocked reactions, the projector was turned off.

Both the guest speaker from the cyber company Norton and one of Hayne’s spokesperson confirmed that the images were not from Hayne’s phone. Rather, the pornography was believed to be from a young student on the same Wi-Fi network.

“It’s unfortunate and all I can say (is) it definitely was not Jarryd’s device,” Hayne’s co-host from Norton, Nick Savvides, said.

“Connecting to open networks, people can see what you’re doing and in this case, inject unwanted materials.”

This all came about as Haynes phone was being used to look through the search history.


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