Is it Possible: Ezekiel Elliot for MVP?

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot has taken the league by storm, already proving that he could be a future legend. His partnership with Dak Prescott has almost overnight seen the Cowboys transition from a struggling franchise to potential SuperBowl contenders.

That’s why it’s not impossible to imagine the rookie Ezekiel Elliot to take home the MVP.

Now is it far-fetched? Yes. The likelyhood of enough votes falling to him are unlikely, but if we take into consideration what the MVP is, it makes sense.

The MVP; most valuable. It’s hard to argue that Elliot isn’t valuable to the Cowboys. He’s so far had 700+ rushing yards, and 5 touchdowns. Elliot’s 703 rushing yards are also enough to see him sit first in the league.

In comparison, Elliot’s having a better season than previous running back MVP’s. At the conclusion of round 7 in 2012, eventual MVP Adrian Peterson had 652 rushing yards and 0 touchdowns. Let’s not forget that the Cowboys had a bye this week, which meant that had the Cowboys played, Elliot could have had an additional 100 yards on Peterson.

What were the records though after round 7 for each team?

The Cowboys are 5-1, a 5 game winning streak, while the Vikings were 5-2. Now, if we look at the previous season records for both teams, another similarity can be seen.

In 2011, the Vikings went 3-13, and in 2015, the Cowboys went 4-12.

Now the argument can be made that Peterson’s second half of the year, which saw him rack up a total of 2,097 yards, was quite impressive. However, as for the case of Elliot, for him to be MVP, he doesn’t need those numbers. What he’s doing now is good enough for the MVP votes; he’s getting the Cowboys wins.

After all, is that not what the MVP is? Most valuable player? It’s hard to argue Zeke isn’t that.

Of course, there is still a chance that another player could go off in the second half of the season. What if, no-one does though? What if everyone stayed at the level they are now. Could it be possible that Ezekiel Elliot, a rookie, take home the NFL’s highest prize? It’s not unlikely.


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