Trade Rumour: Gay To Miami

Basketball Insider has reported that the Miami Heat may be targeting Sacramento small forward Rudy Gay, in return sending point guard Goran Dragic to South Beach.

Rumours of conflict between Gay and the Kings organisation have lead to many expecting a trade. For the Kings, their focus would primarily be trying to improve their back-court, and since Rondo signed with the Bulls, it’s left the Kings with a hole to fill.

For the Heat on the other hand, after losing Wade and Deng in free agency, and Bosh has been told that he’ll never play for the Heat again, Pat Riley is set to rebuild Miami around centre Hassan Whiteside.

This trade would set up the Heat nicely in terms of cap-space. While Dragic still has 3 years on his contract, Gay could opt-out at the end of this year. Along with Bosh being waived, this could free up $60 million in cap space. This is enough to sign two max contracts, with guys like Paul Millsap, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry and Gordan Hayward all free agents, the Heat could form another championship caliber team.


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