5 Picks for NFL MVP

With the NFL season starting this weekend, it’s time to speculate who will win the MVP. We at the Sideline Report have decided to count down the 7 top picks for the NFL MVP in 2016.

5. Von Miller- Denver Broncos

The QB situation in Denver is frightful. After losing Peyton Manning to retirement and Brock Osweiler, their hopes now lie in either Trevor Siemien or Paxton Lynch. And even last year, the QB situation wasn’t much better. Osweiler wasn’t elite enough and Peyton Manning was struggling to be the star that he once was. That’s why it can be almost undisputed when people say that the Bronco’s defence was what won them the Super Bowl.And that responsibility came down Von Miller, who waled away with the Super Bowl MVP. Now, the chances of a defensive player being an MVP is low, however, Von Miller could be the man to do it. If he can carry the Broncos to the playoffs again based on his pure defensive dominance, Miller could make history.

4. J.J Watt- Houston Texans

We know. A defensive player has never won the NFL MVP. However, there are always firsts. For the second time on the list, a defensive player can be found. Watt has won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year for the past 2 years and also in 2012. Watt won the Bert Bell Award in 2013, becoming the only ever defensive player to win the award. On top of the accolades, JJ Watt was the sack leader last year, made the First Team All-Pro for the last 5 years. This type of domiancne is usually held by a Rodgers, Brady or Manning. Watt has dominated the defensive end of the field for a long time now, and with Watt due to turn 28 in March next year, there is still time for Watt to get better. However, due to the low probablility that a defensive player can actually win the award, we placed Watt 4th.

3. Odell Beckham. Jr- New York Giants

Odell Beckham. Jr is one of the best wide receivers in the league. Paired with Eli Manning, the Giants narrowly missed out on a playoff. Last year Beckham finished 5th in the league for receiving yards, with 1,450 yards. Beckham. Jr is young and still has years to improve, so if he’s able to win the MVP this year or the next, then the Giants WR has a very bright future. With Eli Manning’s abilities set to decline with age, it’s a chance for Odell Beckham Jr to take centre stage as the new star of the Giants.

2. Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers

Rodgers is one of the top QB’s in the league and is not past his prime. Don’t be fooled; despite the Packers 10-6 season last year, the team is still one of the best in the national league. Now with Teddy Bridgewater injured and the Vikings possibly falling on hard times, the Packers have a chance to reclaim the NFC North. Behind the charge will be Aaron Rodgers, who after declining in passing yards and TD’s from his MVP season, Rodgers may just find the right chemistry to grab his 3rd MVP.

1. Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers

The 2015 MVP may have a chip on his shoulder. After a 15-1 ┬áseason, the Panthers failed to win the Super Bowl. Afterwards, Newton seemed mad and determined to come back, and this time with a vengance. Perhaps the shock of losing sparked a maturity for Newton, and rather than dabbing, Cam Newton could dominate the game once again. His unique style of play is different than most quarterbacks. While majority of quarterbacks are passers, Newton last year dominated with his rushing, finishing with 636 yards after 2015. Newton’s loss at the Super Bowl may just drive him to becoming better than he was last year.

How do you think we went? Do you agree or disagree with the list?


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