Scott, Buckley, Leppitch: what has gone wrong?

In the AFL, coaches jobs are never safe. They’re expected to take any team and place them in the grand final. That’s why for some coaches, their job is never safe.
Brad Scott is the man in charge of the Kangaroos, and while they started 9-0, they now sit 12-8. North have shown that their best is clearly good enough, but the few times they have had chances to really crush teams, they haven’t and they have shown that against the best teams, they always come up short. I am aware of their injury list which is reasonably long, but they will be getting a few back in the coming weeks. Hopefully soon we will see how good these Kangaroos really are come finals. Unfortunately though, I think September will be a short month for North Melbourne.

Next up is Nathan Buckley. He is lucky enough to have one the best lists in the league, but poor coaching decisions may have hurt him a lot. Let’s start with Travis Cloke; he was clearly out of confidence and in poor form to start this season, but they decide the best time to drop him is against Essendon. Now we are all aware of what happened to Essendon and most of their team, but dropping Cloke against them was one of the worst coaching decisions I have ever seen. He could quite easily come out and kick 4, 5 or 6 and suddenly his confidence is sky high. He is definitely in their best 22 and Collingwood are a much better team with him up forward. I am aware of Collingwoods injury list, but looking through it I only see a couple of definate starters out and that is Dane Swan and Mason Cox. So if I were Eddie Mcguire and the Collingwood Football Club, I would be checking into his coaching and trying to forget that it is Nathan Buckley, because there are much better coaches out there who are doing more with less. Its time to cut ties and think of the future of the club not the past.

The Brisbane Lions…anyone remember Michael Voss? He was fired a few years ago. Now for those who are thinking, “why is he bringing this up?” it’s simple. Because that was the start of what Brisbane are right now. When Voss was fired Brisbane were half a game out of the 8, were slowly climbing the ladder and had a lot of young players that were coming through. Exit Voss, and suddenly a few young kids decide they want to go home and now we have the new Lions. So why was Voss fired? I think Brisbane had their eyes firmly set on bringing Paul Roos (an ex-Fitzroy boy home). Unfortunately, if this was their plan it went down the gurgler. Paul Roos signed with the Demons and Brisbane were left empty handed and now without a coach. So after the smoke had cleared, they appointed Justin Leppitch for the job. Now if they sack him, it is the second coach who was a favourite son of the club and was a brilliant backman during the glory years. So is Leppitch really a bad coach or is Brisbane a place that does not look after their players and coaches? In my opinion, I think it’s the latter.


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