Katie Ledecky Wins in the Most Katie Ledecky Way

Katie Ledecky won another gold medal. But there’s more. She broke a world record. But there’s more. She won by more than 11 seconds!

Yes…11 seconds! American Katie Ledecky just destroyed her opponents in the pool, taking away her 4th gold medal and smashing her own world record in the women’s 800m freestyle final.

The difference between Katie Ledecky and silver medalist Jazmin Carlin of Great Britain was 11.38 seconds. The difference between Jazmin Carlin and Sarah Kohler was 11.58 seconds. That means that almost half a minute elapsed between Katie Ledecky winning and the race being officially over.

In case you don’t believe us, here’s a picture mid-race.

Ledecky previously owned the world record, which stood 8:06.68. Tonight, she beat that by 1.89.

Meanwhile her American teammate and legend Michael Phelps failed to finish his Olympic career with a gold. However, even though he didn’t win gold, Phelps still set history: he finished in a 3-way tie with South African Chad de Clos and Hungarian László Cseh.


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