Free kick Hawthorn? Take a look at the stats

It’s funny: I did this article because I am sick of seeing ‘ FREE KICK HAWTHORN’ memes all over Facebook, so going in I figured I would do a lot of research on it and see how true this statement is.

 I did a lot of thorough research for this article, I spent most of my Friday night watching Collingwood v Western bulldogs and scribbling down statistics.

Firstly I wanted to find out which team has had the most free kicks this year. Secondly I wanted to find out which team has had the most games in which they had won the free kick count as opposed to their opponent. Thirdly I wanted to see which team has had the most free kicks against them.

So in doing all this, I may find some trends that point to a certain team receiving more free kicks than others.

So after much research, here are the stats

Top 5 free kicks for the season as of round 20:

  1. North Melbourne 401
  2. Western Bulldogs 397
  3. West Coast 394
  4. Brisbane 392
  5. Collingwood 389

Top 5 least free kicks for 2016 as or round 20:

  • 1. St Kilda 313
  • 2. Gold Coast 315
  • 3. Fremantle 328
  • 4. Carlton 346
  • 5. Melbourne and Port Adelaide 356

Top 5 teams with most games won in the free kick count:

  • 1. Western Bulldogs 15-2-2
  • 2. Hawthorn 14-5
  • 3. Adelaide 13-5-1
  • 4. North Melbourne 13-5-1
  • 5. Collingwood 12-7

Top 5 most free kicks against for 2016:

  • 1. Brisbane 416
  • 2. Geelong 414
  • 3. Port Adelaide 412
  • 4. Richmond 407
  • 5. Greater Western Sydney 397

And finally……………

Top 5 least free kicks against for 2016:

  •  1. Western Bulldogs 312                                
  • 2. Essendon 325                                              
  • 3. Adelaide 333                                                
  • 4. Carlton 342                                                  
  • 5. Fremantle and St Kilda 345

So my conclusion is after all of this, with a few teams making appearances in these lists, it appears that Hawthorn are NOT getting any unfair advantage. My overall conclusion is that the Western Bulldogs get more free kicks than most teams and least against and Port Adelaide don’t seem to be so lucky. At the end of the day play by the rules, don’t tackle high or push in the back and next year your team may be the umpires favourite but in the end………………







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