Um…Someone fix that maybe?

After all the problems with the Rio Olympics prior to the opening ceremony, once the Olympics got underway, it seemed things were smoothing out. The events were going as plan, countries were relishing in their athletes success…and of course, memes.

However, it seems that something was bound to go wrong.

Enter the diving pool. You know how it’s supposed to be blue.

Well…it wasn’t.


It was green.

To make things worst, it turned green on the day of the women’s 10m synchronized diving.

Still, the show must go on as China took home the gold. But when you have a green pool, that’s generally the focus.

Rio organizers claim that there is no health threat to the athletes. Rio spokesperson Mario Andrada said that the green water was because of “a proliferation of algae.”

“Water tests at Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre diving pool were conducted and it was found to be no risk to athletes’ health. We are investigating what are the causes of the situation but are pleased to say the competition was successfully completed.

Statement from the Rio organizers

British diver Tom Daley went to Twitter to voice his confusion.

Ermmm…what happened?!


With no action set for day 4, officials hope that by Wednesday they’ll fix the pool up so that it’s blue.


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