Are we headed for another NBA lockout?

The 2011 NBA game shortened the season, limiting NBA lovers to only 66 games.

Bad news though; we may be looking at another lockout.

It is expected that both the NBA and the National Basketball Players Union (NBPU) opt-out of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

For those who don’t understand or know what the CBA is, it’s pretty much the contract between the commisoner plus the 30 NBA owners and the NBPU.

So far, this CBA has been quite well for both sides, especially team owners, so negotiations may be easy and carefree. However one of the biggest issues is the contract increase with the new TV deal.

The last lockout revolved around the Basketball Related Income (RBI). This is money generated from things such as tickets, merchandise and…TV deals. In 2011, the owners wanted to cut down the players RBI from 57% to 47%, however the players would only cut it to 53%. Eventually the players agreed to cut it to 49%.

The owners main argument for the cut was that 22 of the teams were losing money, which was true.However with the newest TV deal in place, they team owners logic is no longer plausible.

Lebron James, who is the vice-president of the NBPU said:

“The whole thing that went on with the last negotiation process was the owners telling us that they were losing money. There’s no way they can sit in front of us and tell us that right now after we continue to see teams selling for billions of dollars.”

The max contracts is another issue. When the TV deal was announced, players like Lebron James and Kevin Durant were already checking out possible max-contracts. As we’ve seen, that’s come true.

The recent off-season saw overpriced contracts, including Mike Conley’s contract. From the owners perspective, they don’t want to have to pay overpriced contracts, so they’re objective is to try and minimise the salary cap rise.

As for NBA fans, let’s just hope that the owners and players can work this out so we don’t have to miss out on what should be a very interesting season.


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