“Worst QB’, says Bennett brothers

Ouch! Martellus Bennett of the New England Patriots and Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahwaks claim that Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears is the worst quarterback in the NFL.

Martellus Bennett, who played 3 seasons with the Chicago Bears, said about Cutler.

“Worst quarterback in the NFL,” he says. “I’d be open and he’d throw into double coverage,”

It didn’t just stop there though. The brothers gave their views on other players around the league.

Eli Manning:

“Eli? He’s cool. He’s like a normal white guy you see at the park trying to teach his kids how to play soccer and you know he can’t really play soccer himself.”

Brock Osweiler: 

Michael- “I’ve got more sacks than he’s got touchdowns.”

Martellus: “I’ve caught more balls than he’s completed.”

Both of these are fair and accurate

And finally, 2014 MVP, Aaron Rodgers:

Michael: “A–hole. Nah, I’m just joking — you can’t say that. Overpaid.”

Well, at least they’re honest.


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