Rio: A Rant

It’s a time that the world holds their breath for. Every 4 years, for 2 weeks, athletes from all over world battle and compete to be the best. To represent their country.

The Olympics is supposed to be a celebration of sport. Even people who don’t follow a sport fall in love with the pure atmosphere of the entire competition and to vying for the ultimate goal: a gold medal

Personally, I LOVE the Olympics. As a young child, the whole atmosphere of the Olympics was just awe-inspiring. The whole idea of the Olympics seemed all too much. My national pride grew ten-fold as the heroes of the sporting world took on the best. It was not just my nation, but just the competition in general. This is what made the Olympics.

For the past Olympics, I’m always waiting anxiously for the Opening Ceremony. Weeks of build-up to the start of the competition.

Rio, how poorly you’ve gotten it.

And I need to rant. Badly.

Okay. Look. You’ve known since 2009 ¬†about these Olympics. It wasn’t like the IOC came up to you 4 months ago and just casually said “oh yeah…you’re holding the Olympics this year”. That’s given you 7 years to prepare. 7 years! Not only 7 years, but if you were bidding since 2007, surely, logically, you’d at least have SOME SORT OF PLAN!

The Olympic Village is not finished, you’re still looking for security. These are things that were meant to be done last year. Your lack of organisation has made this the most underwhelming Olympics in recent memories.

Not only this, but there are reports that athletes will have to swim through human faeces.

There are so many other issues that are out of the control I know, but the lack of attempt to control is pathetic. You have a chance to show off your history. A chance to prove that you’re a great city. However, you’re now known as a city that is greatly under prepared for the biggest sport event in the world. That’s your choice.

I have no excitement for this Olympics, and that’s sad.


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