What has changed since Brent Harvey debut

Tonight North Melbourne player Brent Harvey breaks the record for most AFL games played, officially tallying 427. Harvey has enjoyed a succesful career spanning back to 1996. 1996. That got us thinking. How exactly did the world look 20 years ago, when 18 year old Boomer first took the field.

1. 2015 #1 Draft Pick Jacob Weitering was yet to be born

When Brent Harvey debut for North Melbourne, the young Carlton star Jacob Weitering hadn’t even been born. To add more, he was still a year out from being born…so to the adults reading this, you sort of get the picture.

2. John Howard was a Rookie of a PM

Now, despite the fact that John Howard served for 11 years as the Prime Minister of Australia, when Boomer Harvey debut, he had only been prime minister for just under 7 months. Since then, Harvey has played through 5 different change of PM’s…yeah yeah we know. Australia get’s a new prime minister faster than Essendon get’s a new doping scandal, but hey; don’t blame us.

3. Fitzroy Lions and the Brisbane Bears were seperate

Okay. This is a big JUST. We say just, because Boomer Harvey debut in round 22 of the 2016 season, which was the Fitzroy Lions last game before the historic merger with the Brisbane Bears. However, it sounds cool to say, so we’re putting it in.

4. Port Adelaide Power Were Not an AFL Team

Just like previous, this is a just. Just like previous though, it sounds cool. When Brent Harvey debut, the Power were ready to spring into the AFL and dominate like they did in the SANFL. Let’s just not remind them that their rivals, the Adelaide Crows won back-to-back premierships in ’97 and ’98

5. The Western Bulldogs were still Footscray

Okay. It’s another just scenario. We get it, we’re bad at our jobs. But at least read it. The 1996 season was the final in which the historic Footscray name would be used. Starting in 1997, the team would be renamed to the Western Bulldogs

6. 12 out of the 18 Current Coaches Were Still Playing

When Brent Harvey debut for the Kangaroos, 12 of the current coaches in the AFL were yet to retire. These included:

  • Don Pyke (Adelaide Crows)
  • Justin Lepitch (Brisbane Lions)
  • Nathan Buckley (Collingwood Magpies)
  • John Worsfold (Essendon Bombers)
  • Chris Scott (Geelong Cats)
  • Leon Cameron (Greater Western Sydney Giants)
  • Paul Roos (Melbourne Demons)
  • Damien Hardwick (Richmond Tigers)
  • Alan Richardson (St. Kilda Saints)
  • John Longmire (Sydney Swans
  • Adam Simpson (West Coast Eagles)
  • Luke Beveridge (Western Bulldogs)

7. Melbourne had More Premierships than Hawthorn and Geel0ng

When Brent Harvey debut, this was how the AFL Premiership tally looked:

How times have changed.

AFL Premierships

So with 427 games under his belt, it seems only likely (and sadly) that Boomer’s legendary career will soon finish. So let’s take the time to enjoy the legend for as long as we can.


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