New NHL Franchise… What’s the Name?

The location of the NHL’s 2017-2018 expansion team has been revealed, along with the GM of the new team. But one question still eats away at anyone familiar with the NHL: what will the team’s nickname be?

There have been lots of different nicknames thrown into the mix, but a select few really stick out to me and what seems to be the entire NHL fanbase. To specify even further, the most popular two names as of right now are “Black Knights” and “Aces”. These names both have a great ring to them, and I wouldn’t mind seeing either of them becoming the face of the NHL’s newest franchise. However, one huge potential issue still very much exists: copyright complications.

Copyright complications have been an issue in the past for expansion or relocation teams, with two great examples being the Dallas Stars and Winnipeg Jets. The NHL always seems to find a way around them, thankfully, and we’ll just have to wait and see what the new franchise finally decides on.


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