How the Warriors Big 4 Could Cement Lebrons Legacy

Stephen Curry. Klay Thompson. Draymond Green. Now, 2014 NBA MVP, Kevin Durant. A line-up that could forever change the NBA. However, there is one person this could advantage: Lebron James.Let us explain.

James has done it all. He’s a 4 time MVP, a 3 time NBA Champion, a 3 time Finals MVP, a 12 time all-star, a 12 time All-NBA player and a 5 time All-Defensive player. Achievement wise, LeBron James is in the top 10 of all time. However, despite his greatness, people still want to hate.

Let’s set up a scenario. Lebron James carries the Cavaliers to the Finals. Lebron is playing at the MVP level we’ve come to expect. The Cavaliers finish 1st in the east and plow through the east. Then at the finals, Lebron and his team faces what could be one of the most dominant teams in NBA history; the Big 4 of the Golden State Warriors.

Then, similar to the 2016 Finals, LeBron steps up and wins a back-to-back championship. And LeBron takes down the Warriors.

What does this mean for the Lebron? He is the most dominant player ever. He stops one of the greatest shooters of all time in Curry. He takes down his rival KD. He takes away Green’s smile. The second Splash Bro disappears.

LeBron takes it to the Warriors. And LeBron wins.

Suddenly, no longer is Lebron James a choke-artist. No longer is he a poor mans Michael. No longer does “he need Irving or Wade”. Lebron puts his name against Jordan. Cause let’s face it: as good as Jordan was, never did he have to face a team like the 2016-17 Warriors.


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